Kate gosselin coupon blog website

Kate gosselin coupon blog website

Remember when Kate Gosselin went on the Today Show and dissed the fact that her ex, Jon Gosselin, had been working a regular 9 to 5 for over a year? I think that to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and give them the best opportunities in life. There are probably over a hundred moms who currently run coupon blogs and would do a much better job for a fraction of the cost. As we first told you last week, the reality TV mom scored a new gig blogging for bargain-hunting website CouponCabin. In a just-released video clip from the Indiana-based company, Gosselin is shown settling in with the crew by brainstorming money-saving ideas for her first blog post on Nov. The year-old mother of eight is also seen taking photos with coworkers—as well as a portrait for the office walls—and learning how to navigate a computer.

Kate Gosselin writing money-saving advice blog for coupon website

Editor s note: This image contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing. Click to view the image, or use the buttons above to navigate away. Ironically, the show has finally become what everyone has always wanted and craved: The dirty little secret of TLC s popular docudrama reality series "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" is that it never really was about the eight. It s always really been about Jon and Kate s relationship, and the entertainment has come from watching them navigate the lives they d made for themselves.

At first, that life involved being parents to eight kids, twins and sextuplets, which had its own complications and difficulties. As the televised version of their lives became more and more commercial — a special turned into a Discovery Health series, which eventually moved to TLC — viewership increased, and the focus became more obviously about the parents with kids than the kids and their parents.

Simultaneously, Kate and Jon s lives became increasingly public and commodified, with camera crews invading their personal space and product placement beginning to involve their kids. Later, paparazzi and the media started paying attention. The now-daily saga continues in the tabloid press and the non-tabloid press, with enough allegations and revelations to fill a tabloid by themselves.

The latest round of volleying between the separated couple has been about their finances. As the drama ramped up, more viewers came, and their desire for even more Jon and Kate drama fueled the media, which pressed harder, and that whole vicious cycle continued until it all imploded: Jon was photographed with women who were not Kate; Jon and Kate separated, intending to divorce; TLC announced it would drop Jon from the show; Jon threatened to have camera crews arrested for trespassing and effectively ended production on the series, at least for now.

Relationship was compelling because it was awful This is what happens when you turn yourself into entertainment, when you let boundaries collapse so you can get still more money and more attention and more fame. The marital separation and ongoing battle is an obvious consequence, but one that was inevitable. The more pressure that was piled on their relationship, the more unstable it became. Kate said on TODAY that the dissolution of her relationship with Jon "would have happened anyway, cameras on, cameras off.

Celebrity Sightings That may be hard to believe, but not if you watched the series, where Kate s controlling dismissal of her husband and Jon s passive aggressiveness made for compelling television but an awful relationship. Watching them sit together but apart on that infamous couch during interview segments had more tension than most blockbuster thrillers. And this was real. In an episode that aired earlier this year, Kate said "I m gonna shoot him" after Jon failed to use a coupon to buy a new shower head for their multi-million dollar home.

Moments like that made for great television, and people kept watching, culminating in record viewership for TLC this summer during the episode when Jon and Kate announced they were divorcing. As always, viewers take sides: Jon s apologies for his dating life and his parenting seemed like a genuine mea culpa, but Kate s claim that he took money from their bank account swung favor back her way.

And on and on it goes. In a popular YouTube video, the beaming little ballerina dances an entire four-minute routine seemingly perfectly, matchin End the show for the kids Kate regularly insists that everything she s done has been for her kids, and there s no reason to doubt that, nor to doubt either her or Jon s commitment as parents to eight pretty great and amusing kids. The real question is what impact those actions are having on those kids, besides establishing a financially secure future for them.

Child stars who grew up with less public scrutiny have crumbled under the weight of the attention and fame. Reality show cast members from MTV s "Real World" have talked about being paranoid about being followed by cameras once they were back home, and they re adults whose time in front of the cameras lasted for a few months, not years. All along, the Gosselin eight are and have always been just an excuse used by the world to become voyeurs in the lives and relationship of their parents.

They ve been used as pawns by everyone from TLC to their parents; Kate recently said the kids "are angry" that the crew isn t there filming after Jon s threats ended production. Not having familiar people around may have upset the kids, but for their sake, the show — onscreen and off — needs to end now. Depriving us of entertainment will give them back their lives. Andy Dehnart is a writer, TV critic, and editor of reality blurred.

Follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Show discussion. Reality TV. Jon and Kate Gosselin Open in new window loading photos Back to work Reality TV star Kate Gosselin has a new job -- working for a money-saving coupon website. She will be contributing blog posts to offer money-saving advice and shopping tips to CouponCabin. Gosselin is seen here on her first day at the new job, Nov.

Kate Gosselin and her eight children on "Kate Plus 8. In order to compete on the ABC show and spend as much time as possible with her kids, she built a dance studio in her basement of the family s Pa. In the book she opens up about her marriage to Jon Gosselin and talks about the pressures of motherhood and the hardships of stardom. The two are shown visiting Resource s Sky Suite Lounge, where he participated in the Blanket America campaign to give blankets to poverty-stricken Americans.

The couple reportedly split in March. Kate and Jon s divorce was finalized in December Milestone moment Jon and Kate Gosselin help their sextuplets get ready to board a bus for their first day of school in Reading, Pa. The 5-year-olds -- Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel -- are attending junior kindergarten three days a week. Splash News Share Back to slideshow navigation. Kate s dudes Kate Gosselin sports a pink cowgirl hat while visiting a dude ranch in in Wyoming with Collin, Aaden and Joel.

The boys rode horses, chased goats and were utterly fascinated by the ranch, musing that the horses looked like cows. TLC Share Back to slideshow navigation. Kate said her marriage to Jon would have failed whether it played out in the glare of a reality TV show or not. The two were hugging each other, holding hands and at one point Glassman put a flower behind Jon s ear.

Glassman is the daughter of Harry Glassman, the doctor who performed Kate Gosselin s tummy tuck. Splash News Share Back to slideshow navigation Advertise. Seemingly happy family Jon and Kate Gosselin -- with twins Cara and Mady in center -- celebrate the fifth birthday of the sextuplets on May 17, Jon and Kate reportedly arrived separately. I m not dumb," Kate said.

TLC said it "fully complies" with state laws and regulations. Five seasons of the much-watched program follow the Gosselins through their daily lives and the challenges of raising multiple children. Almost two years later, with her marriage in pieces, Kate told Meredith Vieira, "I am as well as can be expected. My focus still is the health and well-being of my children as well as myself.

The couple originally married on June 12, On June 22, , proceedings were initiated in Pennsylvania to end their year marriage. The episode announcing their separation and divorce drew a record Share Back to slideshow navigation. By Andy Dehnart msnbc. Expand Collapse. View all comments. Leave your comment. Most active discussions votes comments.

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Kate Gosselin Fired From CouponCabin Blogging Gig for Sketchy Reasons

Just a few years ago, the reality TV star was making money hand over fist by simply allowing a camera crew to film her day-to-day life, including nasty spats with her now-ex-husband Jon Gosselin. Less than a year after being hired as a blogger for the website CouponCabin, the mom of eight was unceremoniously fired this week. We wish Kate, her family, and her support staff all the best. Beyond that explanation, Kluth did not give specific details as to why Kate was given the axe. How She Fooled the World.

Gosselin, who has been seen in the press lately using coupons, has been a longtime advocate of couponing. She will be also be sharing top coupons from CouponCabin.

That s the sound of the door that was slammed firmly shut behind Kate Gosselin as CouponCabin fired her today from her job as a blogger for the site. She started the job 11 months ago, and we had such high hopes for her in this role. Then today, with no warning, the gig was up. On the site where her blog normally appears is a letter from Scott Kluth , founder and CEO of the company. In it he informs readers of the decision to "discontinue Ms.

Author Of Anti-Kate Gosselin Book Applauds Her Firing From Coupon Cabin

Editor s note: This image contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing. Click to view the image, or use the buttons above to navigate away. Ironically, the show has finally become what everyone has always wanted and craved: The dirty little secret of TLC s popular docudrama reality series "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" is that it never really was about the eight.

Kate Gosselin Fired from Blogging Job

Who better to take coupon-clipping advice from than a single mom raising 8 kids, right? The reality mom has also been photographed in the past using coupons for personal shopping and tells E! It s like free money in your pocket. Gosselin says she started clipping coupons before becoming a mom and apparently the habit stuck. I was beyond thrilled. To comment, please click here to login. I can t even begin to describe my total dislike for this idea. She definitely didn t use coupons in the show and I feel like she just "needs" to be in the spotlight. I agree with you, Purplemommi. Kate doesn t have a show anymore,so now she is trying to get another by grabbing at couponing.

Kate Gosselin and Coupon Cabin Part Ways

By Jade Watkins Updated: She was seen last week wearing a casual tracksuit as she hawked coupons to local business owners in her hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania. But today, fallen reality star Kate Gosselin was seen in a much more professional capacity as she officially reported for duty at her new job at the Coupon Cabin. The former Kate Plus 8 star was seen being welcomed with applause by her co-workers as she hung a self portrait photograph on the office wall, which sat alongside snaps of her fellow colleagues. Working girl: Kate Gosselin officially reported for duty at her new job at the Coupon Cabin yesterday. In the black and white image, she is seen holding up eight fingers in reference to her famous brood.

Clipper Powers Celebrity Coupon Site

If you like this article, please consider subscribing so you ll never miss the latest coupon news. For daily digests, just sign up for our email newsletter , or get the latest news right in your feed reader. You can also be notified of news as it happens, by becoming a Facebook fan or following couponinthenews on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! So what was really behind the very public firing of reality TV star-turned coupon blogger Kate Gosselin from the online coupons and deals site CouponCabin this week? Was it due to unreasonable, diva-like demands? Was it the allegations of child and animal abuse?

Kate Gosselin fired: CouponCabin website axe their celebrity expert

October 16th, , Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin," the website s founder and CEO Scott Kluth wrote in an open letter, posted Tuesday on the website. Gosselin s feature blog on CouponCabin. Gosselin s contributions garnered both positive attention and criticism, but as always, I respect and appreciate your candid opinions, which often encourage us not to lose sight of our mission -- to help YOU save money. I m alive! I ve been super busy working away! I m having lots of fun and can t wait to share! No worries.. Just last week, Kate made a series of promotional appearances for CouponCabin - including sitting down for an interview with Access Hollywood , where she also talked about her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, and her passion for running. Reply Thread Link.

Barbs are flying in the high stakes world of online coupon blogging after professional baby-haver Kate Gosselin was fired yesterday from her job ghostwriting blog posts about saving money sometimes.

*NEWS* Kate Gosselin gets new job as coupon blogger

It looks like the busy mom of 8, Kate Gosselin, can relate to a lot of regular folks in another way today: Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin. No one likes getting a pink slip, but this one is especially caustic. Scott Kluth, tell us how you really feel! Obviously Mr. We certainly understand when celebrities and the companies they endorse part ways after a contract dispute or disagreement. We have to wonder though, is this explanation a wise decision? Did Mr. Instead, fans were greeted with a peevish post barely disguising displeasure. If Kate did something recently that warranted this, it should have been handled privately. I had never heard of CC before Kate started writing there. I think the letter was a mistake, and a stupid one at that. Either Mr. The letter was wrong and I do believe people excluding haters will be offended by it. I also heard about coupon cabin thru Kate.

Turns out this reality TV star is also a big time couponer. She previously blogged for CouponCabin but wanted to have a coupon site of her very own. Choosing Clipper was an easy decision for Kate. Fortunately, Clipper makes running a coupon site quick and easy. The results are fantastic! A great custom child theme, snappy page loads and tons of coupons. Would love to see more of these types of post. Still working on my own site using your Appthemes. Finishing up a few more projects and will be focusing on my own portfolio. We plan on adding a similar one in the future.

I used to enjoy the show, the first show, when she and Jon were married, whether they looked happy or not. It seemed real. It was like watching my life on TV, even though I only have two kids. It just seems to make sense to me that if she really valued herself and her kids, she would have looked for a job that was not in the spotlight. No dancing on TV, no news correspondent spots, none of that. Just an office job. When CouponCabin announced that Kate Gosselin would be their new blogger, I though that might not be a bad job for her. What will she do? Her kids need to see that Mom is self-sufficient. Why is Kate Gosselin being in front of the camera so different from any other celebrity mom though? OR, did she quit? Who knows? Photo source.

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