Coupons for free items from manufacturer

Coupons for free items from manufacturer

Well here is another step in the road to learning how to effectively use coupons. I wanted to discuss a bit about free item coupons and how to obtain and best use them. So a free item coupon is exactly what it sounds like. A coupon that is valid to try a product for free. There are a few ways to get your hands on these types of coupons.

6 Free Sources of Manufacturer Coupons You Can Find Online

Well here is another step in the road to learning how to effectively use coupons. I wanted to discuss a bit about free item coupons and how to obtain and best use them. So a free item coupon is exactly what it sounds like. A coupon that is valid to try a product for free. There are a few ways to get your hands on these types of coupons.

One important thing to understand about free item coupons is if they are printable coupons or not. There has been a wave of fraudulent printable coupons over the past year or so and as a result most stores will no longer accept these types of printable coupons. Occasionally manufacturers still release these coupons, in fact Lipton actually just offered a coupon for a free iced tea that was available to print at home.

These coupons can still be redeemed but it is important to understand that you may need to try a few stores before you find one that will actually accept the coupon. A free item coupon that is not printed at home on your computer such as one mailed to you or in the Sunday paper is another matter entirely and the vast majority of stores will accept those with no problems.

I try to pass along as many of the free item coupons as I hear about on the blog. You really have to be in the right place at the right time though because these promotions can go incredibly fast. Usually following me on Facebook is the best way to find out about them because we can all work together on the Facebook wall to learn when coupons are live etc.. You can register for the word of mouth programs like Vocalpoint , Kraft First Taste , House Party etc… and hopefully get coupons that way.

You can purchase free item coupons online. An example would be the Sunday insert coupons I mentioned above. If your area did not receive a coupon for a product or if you want extra coupons, you can purchase coupons from clipping services or from Ebay. There are occasional sellers that never send the coupons, send out photocopies or otherwise altered coupons that are fraudulent and should not be redeemed and so on. I have personally used Ebay a handful of times and I have not had problems but I have heard from lots and lots of people that were burned so again just use caution.

And the last way I wanted to mention was via manufacturers directly. You can select random manufacturers for products that you like and call them, email or even write a letter and compliment or offer constructive critisism on their products. What I used to do was pay attention to the products I already had on hand and make a mental note to contact those companies. Well why not drop them a line. In the morning as I am brewing my coffee- is it Coffeemate creamer I always have in the fridge?

Well why not contact them! You can often just turn a package around and find contact information or a simple Google search will more often than not turn up contact information. When contacting companies it is important to be honest with your feedback but still polite. Telling Luvs that you hated the diapers and they gave your baby a rash is probably not going to get you very far. Here are some examples of things that I have said to companies in the past:. I also appreciate the convenience of finding Huggies diapers in almost every store I shop.

I have never had any quality issues before and I certainly intend to continue purchasing your product. I just wanted to make you aware of the problem. Now that really did happen to me and I really did send them a note about it. You might send something like this:. Your pasta sauce is a staple in our house and my kids love it on homemade pizza or spaghetti and I love the convenience of just pouring something right from a jar and dinner is served!

I also love that your products are organic as that is such an important thing for our family. We will continue to purchase your pasta sauce regularly and if you happen to have any coupons available for consumers, I would sincerely appreciate them! My address is: And even if you are not a huge fan of a product or you simply want to try something different, you might send a note. Like I happen to be a Coffeemate girl. So I might send something like this to International Delight:.

I recently saw an ad for the new Breve creamer from International Delight and I am really interested in trying this product. I love the packaging on the creamer and the flavors sound wonderful- especially the Caramel Macchiato. If you have any coupons available for consumers, I would really appreciate them as I would love to try your product and see if I like it as much as what I currently use. So emailing companies can sometimes get you incredible coupons and sometimes get you absolutely nothing.

If you want to give this a whirl, I would suggest getting started by just looking at the products you use regularly and contacting those companies when you can. You can also see a long list of companies to get in touch with and hopefully you will get free coupons in return. Remember to try to be specific and to be honest with what you say. Now that you know how to get these coupons, I wanted to mention where to use them. Most people get a coupon for whatever product and they hit the closest store, get the product and leave.

That is great but I try to be a little more strategic with these coupons. I actually tend to hoard my free item coupons. Many of them will have long expiration dates and I like to wait for the best possible time to use them to really maximize savings. So what would be an example of that? Well I had a free coupon for a pack of Kraft cheese recently. Another example would be to hold your coupon until you can possibly make a profit via drugstore rewards or rebates. An example of that might be a coupon for a free pack of Huggies diapers.

So not only did you get free diapers but you made a profit! I also love to use these coupons as fillers for store coupons. So if I am smart and hold onto those free item coupons until I have a little stash of them, I can use them at the right time to get the best possible deal. Hopefully this is clear and I would love to hear from you guys that actually do regularly contact companies. What has your experience been and do you have any other suggestions?

Extreme Couponing: Where to Begin. Understanding coupon matchups. Ready for Action. Determining a Realistic Savings Plan. Organizing Your Coupons. Thanks for posting this! I did not request any, maybe in my next emails I will request some like you did. Excellent points. But at least half of the reason I contact them in the first place is because I legitimately have an issue or a compliment and I want them to know.

A coupon especially a freebie is always a bonus. But I have used them in the other ways you mentioned. I contacted Ore Ida to compliment them on something and they sent me a couple low value Ore Ida coupons, but also a Heinz Simply Organic ketchup coupon as well. Very well said and beautifully written article. I too have had pretty good experience in getting free product or cents off or Dollars off Coupon by writting letters to companies.

Once my Salad had some funky matter in it so I wrote to them and they sent me coupons to get some free salad. Then there was a time something wrong with Crackers, I purchased less sodium Crackers but there was a packaging mistake and the crackers inside the box were regular so i wrote to them about it and I got some Coupons to try the Crackers for free. We live in technology world that has indeed made our lives so much easier than before.

Thanks MFA for making it so much easier for us newbie couponers by giving us so much useful information and tips on saving money. Thank you so much for what you do and the time you spend writing your blog!! I had been wondering how to get those free item coupons and now have a better idea. I have been lucky enough to score the free iced tea and a small handful or the free coffee coupons so that has been a treat! I too want to thank you for all the information you post it is always so infromative, I have learned so much about couponing that it has made things so much more comfrotable on our budget.

This was SUCH a helpful and insightful article. I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together and share it with us. I especially appreciated your tips about when to use the freebie coupons. I never would have thought to use them like that! Great article! I had a pack of Huggies that was missing some tabs too! I love it. I currently have a box of trash bags from Costco that has two huge rolls.

One roll from what I can tell the whole roll is defective. I was going to take it back next time we go to Costco, but maybe I should send an email to let them know too. The bags are all perferated down the middles so it tears in half and is pretty much unusable. Thanks for including examples of what to write to companies!

I have been writing to companies online for a month or so and like you, sometimes get nothing in return and sometimes get a few coupons. Thank you for the info.

Contact These Manufacturers for High Value Coupons!

It s a matter of doing something that you may already do anyway I m not talking about that type of complaining. I m talking about typing up a gentle email or letter to a company when something was wrong with a product that you received. Complimenting a product may also get you a free item. Read on Simply email or write to the manufacturer with your complaint or grievance regarding their product or the packaging.

One of my favorite ways to get high-value and sometimes even FREE item coupons is e-mailing manufacturers. The below list of companies have been known to send out coupons to consumers who contact them.

Whether you still read a traditional newspaper or use your smartphone for virtually everything, there are few excuses for not using coupons. Unless, of course, you enjoy paying more than necessary. Coupons can now be found in multiple forms accessible through various means, from newspapers to mobile apps. In fact, digital coupons are found in so many places that it can be hard to keep up. All are free. This website is perhaps the largest source of manufacturer coupons.

How to receive free manufacturer coupons by mail

Another good thing about the coupons that manufacturers send is that they generally have very long expiration dates. How to Ask for Coupons in the Mail I routinely look through my pantry for products that I use regularly. Most companies take personal comments or complaints very seriously. They want to know how you, the consumer, feel about their products, and will usually show their gratitude by awarding you free coupons, samples and sometimes even FREE product coupons! Some manufacturer websites have an email form, while others only an email address. You can set a goal of say, 5 companies a week. Some companies will send coupons right away, while others may take up to six weeks.

16 Companies That Will Send You Free High-Value Coupons

Coupons for discounts or two-for-one are great, who doesn t love a good deal? But coupons for free products are even better. Companies make their products available to spread word-of-mouth and to encourage you to tell your friends about them. Often this is done to debut a new product, or as a relaunch when a product has a new design or packaging. At other times, it s done to promote seasonal products, such as grilling sauces in the summer or holiday items. Here s how to snag your share of freebies. Everyone is on Facebook, including your favorite brands. They have fan pages for their company and individual products. Like their fan page, and you could be rewarded with free product coupons, either when you sign up or in the future.

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Why on Earth would you not use coupons? Everyone knows there are coupons in your local Sunday newspaper but check out all of these other places that you can find coupons. Typically the coupons are the same on their main website as they are on the retailers with the main exception being a store only coupon here and there. Cynthia on January 3, at 6: This is so convenient. Thank you! David smith on March 29, at 8:

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