Spider man 2 dvd coupon

Spider man 2 dvd coupon

Spider man 2 dvd coupon

This designed-by-committee advertainment highlights three benefits, speed, agility, reliability — the third probably not top-of-mind when we think of the web-slinger. Just like the US Postal Service. Or Spidey. Butlers in high demand, ready for any household job [SF Chronicle] — Are we in a service economy or is this just an upper-crust exception? The path to becoming a truly top-notch butler is certainly not for the faint of heart — or ego. Hours can be long, and physical labor, depending on the number of staff members, can be exhausting.

White Castle Teaming Up With Sony To Promote Amazing Spider-Man 2 DVD & Blu-Ray Release

We ve always known that Spider-Man s most important battle has been within himself: It s great to be Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. For Peter Parker, there s no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen Emma Stone. But being Spider-Man comes at a price: With the emergence of Electro Jamie Foxx , Peter must confront a foe far more powerful than he.

And as his old friend, Harry Osborn Dane DeHaan , returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: Every summer we re greeted with big-budget comic book movies. Each studio trying to outdo one another at the box office with grandiose tales of heroes and villains. At times the movie can be exhausting as its bloated CGI-enhanced battle scenes are drawn out as far as they can be without simply making the entire movie one big fight scene.

Yet, there s something to really respect about these new Spider-Man movies. Underneath all that computer-generated carnage is a superhero movie that doesn t shy away from dire consequences. Marc Webb s initial reboot of Spider-Man caught me by surprise. I wasn t expecting Sony s blatant attempt to keep the rights to the character to also be a movie that I greatly enjoyed watching. The second one outdoes the first in many ways. Yes, I have my complaints, not the least of which is the movie s distended special effects.

Some of the musical choices are downright groan-inducing. What s appealing about Webb s superhero vision is how willingly he puts aside the geekier aspects of the comic book world and sets out to focus more on the characters instead. He isn t too interested in showcasing costume making, gadget building, and superfluous exposition. Even though the movie does contain some of all of those things, it isn t directly about those things, which makes it feel a little fresher.

In The Amazing Spider-Man , Peter promised Gwen Stacy s Emma Stone father that he d stay away from her as long as he devoted his life to crime-fighting and life-saving. Peter is simply too dangerous of a boyfriend to have. With palpable chemistry between Garfield and Stone, watching them try to balance this tricky relationship is one of the most satisfying parts of this story. A bond fraught with secrets and withheld resentment after the passing of beloved Uncle Ben Martin Sheen.

There s best friend Harry Osborn Dane DeHaan , who is dying from the same rare genetic condition that killed his rich, unloving father. Harry needs Spider-Man s blood, but Peter is afraid his blood could do more harm than good. Then we have Max Jamie Foxx. Max is a reclusive, needy scientist working for Oscorp. From the outset, Max s introduction is almost comical. His pocket protector, mumbling, and comb-over are screenplay shorthand for "Hey, this dude is a real nerd! He s dangerously obsessive and emotionally unhinged.

In any other movie he d be the prime suspect in a string of grisly murders. After being saved by Spider-Man, Max forms an unhealthy obsession with the web-slinging hero. So much so that he finds himself talking to himself in the morning, pretending Spider-Man is there. They re best buds. Then Max is involved in a workplace accident. Genetically mutated electric eels attack him. Their energy transfers to him. In an instant, worthless little Max is transformed into a Dr. Manhattan like god of pure energy.

What does someone that insecure do with that much power? Once the final act rolls around and the CGI battles churn endlessly, the movie goes on auto-pilot for a while. Character studies have been replaced by explosions, lightning, and Spidey cracking jokes in the midst of imminent danger. Yet, all this chaos isn t without its lasting consequences. That s what makes The Amazing Spider-Man 2 worth it in the end.

It isn t petrified of changing the status quo. The standard three-disc 3D version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 includes two BD Blu-ray discs one with the 3D feature and one with the 2D feature and a DVD in a fatter-than-usual clear keepcase with a reflective and embossed cardboard slipcase. It s worth noting that two of the three discs must be stacked on either of the inside panels. A slip is included an Ultraviolet code and the back of the case indicates that this a Region A release.

But because Sony didn t send a 3D copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to review, I went ahead and satisfied my curiosity by picking up Best Buy s exclusive "magno" case edition with a free mini Spidey comic book that quickly illustrates the first act of Electro s story. I d originally wanted a Steelbook version to match that of the first movie s, but this new option seemed like a potentially worthy alternative.

As for the sleek and shiny new magno packaging, who knows if it will catch on - but I sure like it. The case, which is altogether slimmer than a standard Elite keepcase, unfolds into a weighty four-paged package that houses the three discs contained in this set. The only downside is that the bottom of the discs are kept directly up against the packing. Unfortunately, no circular clips holds the center of the discs.

Instead, there s a small lip at the base of the discs. The circular cutout snugly holds onto the rim of the entire disc, which holds it properly in place and ensures no slipping - which is an upside. The only real downside to the experimental new case is that the disc backs touch the packaging. Best Buy s magno edition also includes the Ultraviolet code from the standard releases, as well as a booklet containing even more coupons than there are villains in the movie. Not too many blockbusters are shot on film anymore, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is.

This gives the p image a very rich, cinematic look. In high-def it looks flawless. A wonderfully deep picture that never wavers in clarity. The CGI is never called into question by the crystalline visuals either. It all looks utterly superb. I don t think you d expect anything less from a recent Sony release. This is demo-worthy material from beginning to end. With distinct clarity and attention to detail, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-ray offers up a robust video experience.

Fine detail is optimal, whether the camera is gliding around New York filming Spidey as he swings in between historic skyscrapers, or when it captures small moments between Peter and Gwen in a small alley. It all look fantastic. Close-ups are full of all sorts of clearly defined facial features. Long-shots take in the entirety of New York without missing a single thing.

The greatness of the 3D element begins immediately. As Sony s logo gradually appears through the darkness via backlighting, the colorful prism of lens flares beam through the foreground with brilliant defined clarity, extending from the back into the close foreground. Once we dive into the actual movie, the strength of the deep and unfailingly natural 3D effects continue. While Peter s parents battle a bag guy on a private jet, despite the herky-jerky and fast-cutting action, there s never a bad bit of 3D.

The depth and layering is consistent and smooth, never warbling or warping. Even the debris that blasts through the screen in quick blurs is properly placed in this dynamic field. A few scenes later, we see Gwen impatiently talking to Peter over the phone while he misses out on graduation hooplah in order to stop Russian mobsters from stealing radioactive materials. Without looking odd or distracting, Gwen almost appears to pop out of the screen — something that gimmicky 3D movies attempt, but never successfully achieve.

That s where The Amazing Spider-Man 2 excels. Even its subtle moments offer the wow factor. During the most unexpected moments - like Gwen talking on a phone - the 3D is just as good as during the expected parts - like Spidey dodging bullets from a madman s machine gun. Black areas remain controlled the entire time. I didn t notice any unsightly banding, even during the tricky fade-in scene that begins the movie.

Those are usually where banding can be spotted, and there isn t anything there at all. This is one of the best looking Blu-rays of the year. Originally mixed for Dolby Atmos consumption in the theaters perhaps a re-release once Dolby Atmos home theaters become common? Possibly even better. The surround sound capability of this release is off-the-charts great. Even if a 7. That s because the 5. The rear channels feature a ton of action. Both Spidey vs. Electro fights send all sorts of action to the rear channels.

As they fly around the screen beating each other up the sound flies with them without missing a beat. The transitions from speaker to speaker are flawless. The LFE is as deep as it gets. Electro s power thrives on deep thundering bass. The sub is constantly working overtime as the movie is full of multiple action scenes and soundtrack choice that need the accompaniment of thundering bass.

Spider-Man DVD, Only $ at Amazon!

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Be a rock star, just like…Spider-Man?

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Of all the movies made in the last eleven years, only one could bravely fill the gap between Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3. However, in order to satisfy the purists in the audience, Rifftrax Presents presents our very special riff on Spider-Man 2. This time, young Peter Parker must choose between the brave yet thankless life of a shadowy crime-fighter in a groin-crushing leotard, or the life of a relentless, uncle-killing failure who makes Jonah Hill look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Josh has made it his life s mission to survey, and hurl invective at the daily comic strip page, and he knows more about Mary Worth than any living soul, a thought which ought to send chills down your spine. Join us as Josh brings his rapier wit and encyclopedic comic strip knowledge to this favorite of the Spider-Man series, and we promise you ll never have more fun watching a man jump around in tight clothes. All digital products you purchase from RiffTrax.

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PG Director: That decision seemed rash and premature. What could a Spider-Man origin film do in that it couldn t in ? As The Amazing Spider-Man demonstrated, not a whole lot. Those disappointed by Spider-Man 3 may have held hope that an all-new cast and a mostly new creative team would put a distinct and original spin on the web-slinging superhero. Those hopes, however, didn t prove terribly well-founded. Sure, Amazing gave us a new principal love interest in Gwen Stacy and a new villain in The Lizard, but it could only depart from the original concept of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko s comic book so much. You still had to have a teenage boy lose his parents and his guardian uncle, get bitten by a radioactive spider, and take it upon himself to defend New York City against evil. It may have been in 3D and with actors slightly younger than their Raimi series counterparts, but the experience wasn t dramatically different. What on its own merits was fine suffered from a case of "too similar, too soon" and only kids coming of PG viewing age right in the summer of would be able to appreciate Amazing without comparing it to s Spider-Man.

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Pizza delivery place Papa John s is offering a super-sized version of its pizza in conjunction with next week s release of " Spider-Man 3 " on DVD and Blu-ray high definition disc. According to the press release from Papa John s, Halloween is one of the top three nights of the year for the pizza industry, alongside the Super Bowl and the night before Thanksgiving. Watch for this question on the next Trivial Pursuit game! So are we! We won t sell, trade, or share your personal information with anyone unless required by law. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy. Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 5: Share This Page. No comments found. Be the First! Add Your Comments. Papa John s Press Release. Log in to retrieve your saved settings.

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Strangelove or: Sign in. The Shazam! Watch now. For months Bilkins had been confronted by the numerous coupon signs in the cigar store where he traded, yet paid no attention to them. The gifts, alluringly exhibited, to go with so many coupons, failed to attract his notice. The offers of coupons made by the obliging clerks whenever he made a purchase, he scorned. He would have no coupons, didn t want to be bothered with them.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 3D

A little more expensive then the previous Amazon deal but cheapest I could find the moment for the 4 disc blu-ray with the included 3D version. Free shipping with Amazon Prime and don t forget …. Game of Thrones: Still time to catchup before next one. This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid …. No longer available through Amazon. Still available via JB Hi Fi. Good to see some deals on Blu-rays lately, particularly those still interested in 3D. These movies may not be for everybody …. Marvel Movies: Thor 3D Blu-ray - https: The Dark World 3D Blu-ray - ….

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