Ski tuning deals

Ski tuning deals

After the ski technician brings you your freshly mounted skis from the backshop that you just purchased, quite often the first question, especially for first time ski owners is: The answer you got was probably pretty brief especially if you were asking on a busy Wintery weekend day, you might not have gotten all the info you were looking for, but hey that s why you Googled How often should I tune my skis or snowboard Right? Ok so here s the deal. There is no such thing as waxing your skis too much. Wax makes your skis hydrophobic, afraid of water basically

Ski Tuning Kit

A comprehensive rental and depot equipment completes the portfolio. From years of experience and passion, Reichmann has been continuously creating innovative and high-quality customer solutions. Discover our latest machine developments for professional ski and snowboard service. The service robot customizable to your needs - with modules and options. Our machines benefit from years of experience in grinding.

This is reflected in the professional grinding result. Both beginners and professional racers feel the difference. A Reichmann ski service machine is a reliable companion that supports you optimally in your work. Every day anew. Ski service machines "Made in Germany". Reichmann stands for long-lasting quality products from our own development and production. For our machines, we only use high-quality products and manufacture a large part of the components ourselves at our headquarters in Weissenhorn, Swabia.

Reichmann develops ski service machines for small sports retailers as well as large rental companies with high service amounts. From the waxing machine to our compact all-in-one grinding machine to the service automat - we find the right Reichmann service machine for the most diverse requirements. As a family-run company in the 4th generation, a personal contact and exchange is very important to us.

Therefore, we are always close to the customer. Together with national and international partners, ski and snowboard associations as well as World Cup professionals, we continuously research and work on further innovative solutions. We bring these directly from the World Cup in your workshop. This is professional Reichmann ski service.

ISPO Thank you for your visit at our booth! Revolutionary laser structures for skis. Efficient side edge grinding. Uncompromising edge tuning. All-in-one grinding machine.


The earliest recorded ski wax was pine tar, and it was used to coat wooden skis to prevent them from absorbing water. Ski wax technology didn t experience a breakthrough until , when a chemical company and an Olympic skier developed a synthetic wax together. The formula is not too different from the ski waxes that are in use today. So, how often should you wax your skis? The answer varies. Depending on the conditions, you may need to wax after every ski practice or every week.

In winter Pinnacle Ski and Sports becomes one of the Northeast s premier ski shops. Home to The Ski Demo Center, The family ski rental center featuring all new ski equipment packages for families, and the award winning "masters of the feet:

Login to your Bookme account to create and view lists of activities that you want to keep track of for later. Read all 7 authenticated Bookme reviews. Maximise your fun on the slopes this season with this performance tuning deal from Outside Sports! Our qualified team of ski technicians use their tuning skills to ensure that your gear provides you with ultimate performance. Drop your gear to our shop at the top of Shotover Street or direct to the workshop on Gorge Road.

Ski Maintenance

For a great day of skiing a well-prepared ski is essential. After only a few days skiing you clearly lose sharpness and slipperiness. Our trained, experienced and motivated staff works on most modern service equipment. We guarantee a perfect result. We are happy to also offer our service immediately!

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to Tune Skis #1: Edge Work -- REI

Tools, Tuning & Wax

The idea behind this collabation? Have the best offer in the nordic ski industry. Go to nordic website. If you want to keep control in all conditions, even on icy snow, make sure your edges are tuned correctly. Well maintained edges mean precise and smooth turns on the slopes. Of course, you can bring your skis to the shop and get a skiman to do it, but if you want to save time and money, how about learning how to do it yourself? Sharpener, file, clamp, stone you name it. It makes a world of a difference, trust us. Skis with solid traction inspire confidence and allow skiers to ride faster and better so always make sure your edges are tuned and ready.

Everything You Need to Know About Ski Tuning

Having sharp edges, a flat base, and a good wax job can make all the difference between an epic and terrible day. Depending on how often you go to the mountain, you may only need to get your skis or snowboard tuned once per year; if you ride a lot you may need work done weekly. Whether you go to a professional or do it yourself, there is always some tuning you can easily perform at home with the right tools. Skis and snowboards normally come from the factory with a finished tune that includes a flat base and smooth, sharp edges. Ski and snowboard edges can also be sharpened and maintained by hand, and the skills can be learned by anyone with moderate coordination and desire to master them. Tools needed to perform this work include a flat file, file guide s with appropriate steel or diamond files to accurately maintain base edge and side edge bevel, a gummy stone for smoothing and a file card or wire brush for keeping the files clean. In a pinch you can perform this work on a table with a couple of 4x4s under the ends of your skis or board make sure you have a wall to keep them from sliding or propped up diagonally against a table or counter, but it makes the work more difficult.

Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado

Jump to main page content. Thanks to the Autoturn rocker technology, Rossignol Experience skis makes it is easier to steer, balance, and control your speed—all of which make for a better skiing experience. If you are taking a lesson or program at Whiteface or Bear Den, please check the details on your lesson or program to see if rentals are included. For more information please call Whether you need a minor repair or a major overhaul, visit our certified technicians at the repair and tune shop for professional tuning of your skis or snowboard. With our state of the art Wintersteiger tuning machines you can get your equipment ground, tuned, and waxed for each day s snow conditions. This increases your equipment s ability to turn and glide, giving you better control for a more enjoyable day on the mountain.

Tuning & Repair

A ski or snowboard tune maximizes performance and equipment lifespan and is an important step in skiing or snowboarding well. Drop off your gear at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows for all of your tuning and repair needs. Get useful information and insider deals. Not only that; we ll enter you in our weekly drawing to win 2 Adult lift tickets! Jump to navigation. Skip to main content. Snow Report. Explore Squaw Alpine. Chair to Chopper Challenge.

Treat your equipment to a handcrafted tune by our mountain based professionals with over 30 years of combined experience. We are offering the best deals of the season.

The new GRIPtech system by Montana for the side edge provides a leap in quality in ski and snowboard service: Together with radial tuning it delivers an edge with unique properties. A huge increase in consistency and precision. Come check it out. Drop off skis or snowboard by 7pm, and pick up the next morning at 8am. Skis, telemark skis and snowboards should be perfectly flat from edge to edge and from tip to tail. We take tuning seriously! Bring your skis or snowboard to us and experience the joy of riding a ski or board that performs like it should. Skis or snowboard. Montana Infrared Wax. Removing material from the top sheet and sidewall in the tip and tail of the ski. Allows the edge to engage before the sidewall hits the snow surface. Bring in skis for estimate.

The performance of your skis and snowboards can deteriorate over time if they are not properly tuned. Our trained staff can get your skis or board back in shape, and performing like new! If you are unsure about what your equipment may need, just ask our friendly staff and they can recommend the perfect tune for your needs. We will be happy to perform any base or edge repair work on your skis or snowboard. Our shop is now open! The Greek Peak Repair Shop was expanded through a complete remodel makeover in with its own separate entrance. All new Wintersteiger ski and snowboard tuning equipment has been installed to meet the highest levels of servicing for your equipment. We offer same day or overnight service. Prices are subject to change without notice. Greek Peak resort fee is a nominal surcharge to cover the cost of resort amenities, uncontrolled governmental increases and mandates.

We offer a full line of ski tuning, installation, and rentals seasonal, groups and daily. Did you get new skis and bindings this year? Bring them to us and we ll mount them for you! Click here to access our Online Reservation form. Please give us at least 48 hours notice! To contact or locate us, including a link to a Google Map for us, click here. The snow at the ski hill has been phenomenal and there are plenty of you that have taken advantage. There is plenty of room for everybody on the mountain to have a wonderful day of skiing. Floods, Blizzards, and Deep Freeze….. Oh my! There has been plenty to mark this season as memorable. Are you putting your own personal touch on it?

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