Facebook fan coupon prestashop

Facebook fan coupon prestashop

Display all pictures. With this module you can display all the products in your store Prestashop Facebook Fan page of your store. Prices, offers , categories Start now to sell on Facebook! Availability date:

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This is the only one reviews website of all free and paid PrestaShop modules that are available around the internet. Comment and vote for PrestaShop addons and check what are top rated solutions to extend your e-commerce website. With our repository you will be able to find the best PrestaShop extensions with highest ratings.

Read about module before purchase! PrestaShop All-in-one Rewards: Allows your customers to earn rewards, all grouped into a single account, while developing SEO and reputation of your shop: Your sales will really increase! Get tons of new customers and increase your brand reputation thanks to the All-in-one Rewards module! This module allows to set up a complete system of rewards in your shop to increase SEO and reputation thanks to the virality of the system, and to follow very precisely the performance.

You can now customize almost all settings per customer. Ability to create different templates for the settings and to link customers to those templates to customize the rules independantly per customer. Customizable labels for displaying the status of rewards in the customer account. Blocking rewards as the legal deadline for the return of products is not exceeded. Ability to limit the validity of the unused rewards in the rewards account in days. They will be automatically canceled after that delay.

Ability to add or modify the rewards directly from the customer s account in the back-end. Reminder email with available amount in the rewards account can be automatically sent. You can choose the minimum required in account, and the emails frequency. All amounts in the module s settings can be converted in the different currencies by simply clicking the button next to each field.

Loyalty program How it works: The customer get a reward based on the total price of his purchases shipping and coupons deducted. The amount of the reward is displayed in the product page and in the cart summary. Example 1: Product C gives no reward. Main features: Automatic deactivation of these modules. Ability to apply a multiplicator if you want for example to double all the rewards in a given period without modifying all the products if reward product per product.

Option allowing to not accounting special offers in the calculation of the total. Send email to the customer on validation, modification product removed from the order , or cancellation of the reward. The customer invites his friends to discover the shop. They register on the shop and possibly receive a coupon valid on their first purchase. When placing an order on the site that it is validated, the sponsor will receive his reward.

Sponsorship on several levels is possible, and a reward may be awarded for all purchases of referrals, not just the first one. Option to choose the image that will be used on Facebook when a customer share his sponsorship link. Sponsor code or email entered during registration process is verified in real time to avoid any error. Option to choose if the target of the link is the homepage or the subscription form Open Inviter integration, allowing the customer to connect to its mailboxes from the store, and retrieve the contacts to invite them without having to enter their information.

Recognition of spontaneous inscriptions, without prior invitation. Registration form pre-filled if the friend was invited by email. Selection of customer groups allowed to become sponsors. Multiple configuration options for the voucher of the sponsored friend, and in particular type: You can decide which categories of products are allowed to use the voucher. Option to set the number of times the voucher can be used by the sponsored friend, and to choose if partial use is allowed.

Option to disable the voucher for sponsored friend, and option to disable the sponsor s reward. The sponsor can receive a reward only for the first order of its friends, or for each of their orders. Ability to limit the validity of the sponsorship with a customer in days. The sponsor won t be rewarded anymore for that customer after that delay. Minimum for the sponsored friend s order you can choose if shipping is included or not below which the sponsor does not receive a reward..

Automatically open a pop-in incentive for sponsorship after the checkout process. Automatically open a pop-in incentive for sponsorship that opens every X days adjustable. Customizable texts, with support for HTML, for pop-in, the form of invitation in the customer s account, and the sponsorship program rules. Multi-level sponsorship, with parameters defined by reward levels, and number of levels limited or unlimited.

Send email to the customer, sponsor s and admin on validation, modification or cancellation of the reward. Ability to create a sponsorship and the welcome voucher directly from the customer s account in the back-end. The sponsor code is displayed in the customer profile in back-end. Integration of the statistics in the customer profile and in the order s pages in the back office. Facebook "Like" rewards How it works: Encourage customers to join your Facebook community by clicking "Like" offering a small reward.

It increases the strength of your communication, and automatically expands your SEO by making advertising on the Facebook wall of your customers. If the visitor already has an account on your store, he gets a new reward in his account. Otherwise, he gets a voucher pushing him to make his first purchase. Automatic import of data from the "Facebook fan coupon" fbpromote module. Automatic deactivation of that module. Choice of the places where the "Like" button will be displayed: Customization of all texts with differences between members and simple visitors.

Ability to offer the reward only to members. Multiple configuration options for the voucher, and choice of the reward value. Send email to the administrator when someone "Like" or "Unlike" your shop. Additional features Automatically check for new version of the module. And in future releases Many others ideas Changes history Version 2.

Ability to customize the rewards per product and per date directly from the product form in your back-end. Product B gives nothing. Ability to deactivate loyalty or sponsorship per customer. The sponsor code is now displayed in the customer profile in back-end. You can now configurate the module from the "Quick Access" list in your back-end All mails templates now looks like standart prestashop 1.

No multiplication of coupons, no more multiple interfaces, now everything is centralized in a single account, the "Rewards Account", and the customer can check its balance at any time. Unofficial Addons Repository This is the only one reviews website of all free and paid PrestaShop modules that are available around the internet.

PrestaShop Discount Coupon Pop-Up Module

Importing your web store to Facebook can and should be a 2 minutes process regardless of the eCommerce platform your web store is built upon. You should also use a service that would keep your Facebook store synced with your web store, so that your Facebook store is always up to date without you having to manage 2 stores. Obviously it has a default language and currency. All of those should reflect on your Facebook store as well.

Today Facebook is the most popular social network around the world.

Inline HTML. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Makes your website visibility to users and bring more traffic. Allow customers to get discount just by clicking the Like button. Documentation available in.

FB Superfan - Prestashop Addons

Facebook Advertisement nowadays still plays an important role in boosting sale for any kinds of business. For every seller, there are 2 the most essential factors that they never forget: Where they sell and How they sell their products. All of us know Facebook and Website are the most popular and effective way to do business. And they have a close - positive - supportive relation which is easy way to access clients as well as build loyal customers community. Although you use Facebook many times, it does not mean that you know all about Facebook Pixel.

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Module Facebook block fans / Like-Box

Yummy, your shop will love it! Your product was added successfully to your cart. The following services are not included in Option Zen:. The average rating includes all reviews since the product launch. Users think this product is suitable for e-merchants who are:. What this product does for you. Conversion rate Encourage visitors to complete purchases. Conversion rate Optimize the purchasing funnel.

All-in-one Rewards : loyalty, sponsorship, affiliation, facebook

Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. I don t have a Facebook or a Twitter account. This handy module offers the Knowband. Introducing a PrestaShop module to send back-in stock notifications to the customers. Back in Stock Notification is an extremely valuable module from conversion optimization point of view.

Module Facebook block fans / Like-Box

One of the best advantages of using social media for promotion of eCommerce business is the large traffic that the stores are able to generate. In order to get a better traffic, the web store owners must play the cards very carefully. The customers need to be made aware about the store in an interactive way. Thus, in this case the sellers must provide offers and discounts to the customers in order to make them follow your store on Facebook. Let us discuss some ways by which you can boost your fan base on Facebook and improve your sales. Knowband makes the job of increasing the number of Facebook followers easier for the Prestashop site owner. Prestashop super fan module is one such addon that auto generates the coupon code for each time a visitors likes your Facebook page. It encourages the visitors to follow the Facebook page and at the same time ensures the seller that the sales are made on the higher side.

Social Connect, Fan Coupon, Registration Coupon Module

FcbShop is a Prestashop module which integrates your page on facebook with your Prestashop store. FcbShop is a new, professional sales channel for distributing your stuff in social media networks. Our attractive tool that provides you shop for people with an account on Facebook will increase your income and increase consumer loyalty to your brand. The FcbShop consists of two things: First of these allows you to add shop tab into specific facebook fanpage. Second create a shop in tab. Installation and configuration of the app and shop is extremely simple. The installation process is a matter of few mouse clicks.

Im PrestaShop modules and features developer.

The easiest and most simple for boost your website conversion rate and increase your fan base and email lists by pop up special discounts to your visitors. Join our Affiliate program. A regular license allows an item to be used in one project for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resale either on its own or as part of a project. Distribution of source files is not permitted. An extended license allows an item to be used in unlimited projects for either personal or commercial use. The item cannot be offered for resale "as-is". By signing up to Codester you confirm that you agree with the member terms and conditions. Do you already have an account? Log in. Live Demo Add bookmark Like. Show all 13 screenshots Hide screenshots.

Attract Facebook fans, Twitter, Pinterest by giving discounts. Get more social leads by using additional information channel! Give discounts to customers for joining in social media. Boost your social base by providing discounts to people who join your company in social networks. Customers will get coupons only after they link to you in social networks. Even small discounts will be a great incentive for customers to become members of your community. Communicate with customers.

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