Disney magic kingdom discount coupons

Disney magic kingdom discount coupons

Disney magic kingdom discount coupons

Are there any promo codes for Disney tickets?? I cant find any, anywhere, but I suspect they do exist as when you go to buy online from Disney it asks if you have a code or a voucher. If you want discounted Disney tickets, don t buy from Disney unless you are doing a complete MYW package deal. Disney though have exclusive deals for us Brits and so far they seem as good as any. Again correct me if I m wrong but 5 cents hardly sounds like a good discount. I agree you must get promo codes somewhere,For a while schweppes coka cola staff used to get cheap disney tickets so maybe they had a code!

9 Ways to Save Money on Disney World Tickets in

May 12, , 1: But almost no one pays that much money for each day they spend in the parks. With discounts, multi-day tickets, and annual passes, you can enjoy a day at Disney, Universal, Six Flags, or any other theme park for much, much less. Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, and Universal Studios Hollywood all charge different prices for one-day tickets on different days — based on what they expect attendance to be at their parks.

That means you can use the parks online ticket stores as free crowd calendars, telling you when the parks will be busiest. Universal, Six Flags, and the Cedar Fair amusement parks also give you discounts for buying your tickets in advance through their websites. Always start with the park s official website to price tickets for the days you wish to visit. That will be your baseline to compare as you look for tickets from other sources. Be sure to look for local resident deals on the website if you live close to the park, too!

Disney Parks online ticket stores: Walt Disney World Disneyland. Universal Parks: Universal Orlando Universal Studios Hollywood. SeaWorld Parks: Cedar Fair: Six Flags: Parks don t sell just one-day tickets. They also sell a variety of multi-day and season-long passes. If you are planning to visit a park for more than one day in a year, you almost always will find a better deal than buying one-day tickets. Parks want you to extend your stay, so they price tickets so that the daily cost of getting in to the park decreases with the more days you buy.

Seasonal and annual passes typically also include discounts on in-park purchases, such as food, merchandise and even parking. Theme parks also might bundle dining plan and front-of-line pass discount options with their annual passes. If you are a big eater, or have limited time in a park, you might find value in upgrading to a dining plan or a front-of-line option.

But if you are looking for the lowest possible price to visit, skip those and bring a snack and plan to wait in the lines. Six Flags season passes also are valid for all parks in the Six Flags chain. So if you are planning to visit more than one Six Flags park in a year, definitely go with a season pass option. You can get admission to all Cedar Fair parks with a Platinum pass from any of its parks.

The ultimate theme park annual pass is Disney s Premier Passport , which includes days of admission and a slew of discounts at all the Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks. Now that you know what the park will charge you for tickets, it s time to look for a better deal. As of April , we are now partnering with aRes Travel to link theme park tickets, ticket packages, hotel reservations and vacation packages here on ThemeParkInsider. They actually run some parks own online ticket stores!

Fake or invalid tickets abound for sale online and in roadside stands outside the parks, so stick with an authorized reseller or the parks official websites. Never buy tickets on Craigslist or eBay! Theme parks use photos and finger scans to associate multi-day tickets and passes to their original user, so unused days on tickets cannot be used by anyone else. And parks track their inventory rigorously. Stolen tickets are often immediately canceled and duplicate tickets simply won t work.

Don t waste money on deals that seem too good to be true. They are. Now that you know the going rate for tickets from the parks and from authorized resellers, there s one more step to take before you commit and buy your tickets. Follow your favorite theme parks on Twitter and Facebook to see if they announce any additional discounts to their fans. Regional theme parks often offer deals with Coke cans and fast food restaurants that might be cheaper than their best online prices.

Disney and Universal almost never offer lower prices than you can find online, but they do use their social media accounts to announce ticket sales for special events, such as their Halloween parties, and on vacation packages. Official theme park social media accounts: Disney Parks: Facebook , Twitter Universal Orlando: Facebook , Twitter Universal Studios Hollywood: Facebook , Twitter SeaWorld: Facebook , Twitter Busch Gardens Tampa: Facebook , Twitter Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Facebook , Twitter Knott s Berry Farm: Facebook , Twitter Canada s Wonderland: Facebook , Twitter Cedar Point: Facebook , Twitter Kings Island: Facebook , Twitter.

Once you have all this information, then you can rest easy knowing that you have really have found what truly is the best deal and the best discount for you and your family. Have a great visit! We get a great deal from Six Flags: That s a steal, and includes the Halloween events in October. Real park tickets, no need to queue to collect, and at a favourable price.

Here are some of the other ways to save money get better bang for your buck that have nothing to do with the price of a ticket. Get to the park early sometimes well before the posted opening time depending on the park. Plan to stay through park closing. Most parks will let you leave and come back in using a hand stamp or scanning your original ticket. Since you re probably going to be spending hours in the park, try to reduce the amount of walking by riding attractions as you come to them instead of criss crossing back and forth across a massive park following someone else s trip plan.

Also, use in-park transportation trains, sky rides, trolleys, etc Know before you go. Understand the rides and attractions in the park. Know what the top rides are and how long the lines can be. Know what attractions shut down in bad weather, and have a metal snapshot of the park map or at least have the park s app downloaded on your phone. Understand and use if determined to be worthwhile in park line avoidance systems. Even if you don t end up using an upcharge system like Universal Express, Fast Lane, or Flash Pass , know how it works, so you re not disappointed and frustrated when you see dozens of people stream past you at a merge point.

Plan out your meals. Whether you plan to eat in the park, if you re bringing in your own food if the park allows it , if you re having a picnic in the parking lot, or if you re going off-site for lunch, know what you re going to do ahead of time. You re guaranteed to spend more money on food if you re staring at a menu with your kids letting them guide your decisions. Buy in bulk. Many park chains will give you discounts for buying groups of tickets sometimes a group as small as 2.

If you re a few people short of the group size needed to score a discount, don t be afraid to walk up to a stranger at the ticket booth and make the pitch for the discount. We ve done this before at Six Flags when they offered significant discounts for buying 4 season passes we re a family of 3. Pick your days. Many parks are using variable pricing for their tickets.

As Robert noted, you can use the price as a de facto crowd calculator. Most parks that have variable pricing also allow guests to purchase flexible date tickets at a slightly higher cost. Don t be tempted by these upcharges. Just pick a day, and enjoy the savings. Some parks like Holiday World offer weather guarantees that if park operations are affected by weather, you can come back on another day for free, so at those parks, don t let the weather keep you from picking a day ahead of time to score the savings.

Go for multiple days. Just about every park on the planet makes the value proposition of additional days at an incremental cost. Even if you don t spend the full second day at the park maybe you re flying home the next afternoon , it can be liberating to know if a big attraction goes down that you can get another shot the next day for just a small upcharge. A few parks force you to make that decision before you arrive, while others will let you take your current admission ticket and add extra days after you ve already entered in the park even some will allow you to apply what you paid for the single day admission towards a season pass.

Purchase combo tickets. Some parks will bundle their admission with other attractions. In regions where there are multiple theme parks Orlando and SoCal , there are almost always combo tickets that are good for many of the parks in the region, including Disney parks SoCal CityPass. Check AAA and other legitimate organizations tourism bureaus and chambers of commerce for discount tickets.

Not only will these organizations have discounts on tickets, but they may also have hotel and local restaurant coupons. Travel hack using credit card rewards. Several articles floating around out there about how to do an entire Disney trip for a couple hundred bucks. The issue with credit card rewards is that those almost always are not destination specific. So you could be using the money you "save" there on anything else. To me, that just makes the "rewards" another form of cash, rather than real savings for these specific destinations.


Get an up-close, hands-on feel for the story of humans in space at Kennedy Space Center. Find discounts at your favorite cinemas. Enjoy exclusive access to premium savings on the hottest concerts. Enjoy the convenience of entertainment options, theme park information, ticket types and an events calendar at your fingertips.

For those of you who are hopping to do more, our step-by-step park plans are just the ticket!

Every few months, a few dollars are tacked on for tickets or parking fees. Fortunately, you can find somewhat of a discount if you are a Florida Resident. The tickets can be used between now and June 30, with no blockout dates. Bonus if you have a little one in tow: With the pass, you can visit any of the four parks, but only one per day:

Dad s Bottom Line

We work with Disney s most trusted travel partner to provide exclusive prices for our readers. With a recent policy change, Disney World ticket prices will differ based on the time of year and expected popularity. Cheap Disney World ticket prices will vary alongside the gate ticket prices. In this guide, we will help you to compare all the prices for discount Disney World ticket prices so that you find the best deal. Don t miss our travel hacks newsletter! In the following sections you will find our massive guide to discount Disney World tickets.

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Disney World Coupons & Promo Codes

Our guide to discount Disney World tickets offers money-saving info, an exclusive coupon, and tips for the best deals on park tickets for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and the other Florida parks. In addition to saving you the most money, ParkSavers provides the most options. Park tickets are likely your second-most expensive expenditure of your Walt Disney World vacation after your hotel, so saving money is important. Beyond where to buy them, this guide will help you with which tickets to buy, and much more. The most recent Walt Disney World ticket price increase happened in mid-March This follows shortly after the announcement of the grand opening date for Star Wars: That land is expected to result in a huge influx of crowds, and Walt Disney World is poised to capitalize on the increased demand. Due to the roll-out of the date-based ticket system at Walt Disney World last year, this price increase is not uniform. Most interestingly, September ticket prices did not increased. Ready to get started?

Promo codes - Disney tickets - Orlando Forum

Read More. Whether you re planning a day visit, a weekend excursion, a week-long trip or more, get your tickets before you hit the parks with OrlandoFunTickets. Enjoy more world culture, innovation and thrill rides at Epcot. Spend time with the glam of Hollywood at Disney s Hollywood Studios. Go wild at Disney s Animal Kingdom, and seek your happily ever after in the most magical place on earth, Disney s Magic Kingdom. Take advantage of our deals on Disney Flexible Date Tickets that let you plan a Walt Disney World vacation the way you want to — packed with lasting memories and fairytale dreams come true.

Tips finding discount tickets to Magic Kingdom - Orlando Forum

If you click a link in this post and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure here. When it comes to buying theme park tickets for Walt Disney World, I have good news and bad news. I have lots of tricks for how to save money on Disney World tickets! In Disney World moved to a date-based ticket pricing system. Some days are MUCH cheaper than others to visit. I family of four will pay hundreds less to visit during the cheapest time of year compared to peak travel time. This is another attempt by Disney to distribute crowds evenly throughout the year.

Disney World Coupons & Promo Codes

A pilgrimage to the House of Mouse is a once-in-a-lifetime trip to treasure with your family. Military tickets, promotions and discounts can be confusing. We can help you experience all the Disney magic for less. Check out some of the ticket options below. When you re ready, contact the Ticket Sales Office and we ll get the ball rolling. View full price list. This is a ticket category for guests registered at Shades of Green or at a hotel on the Walt Disney World Resort property. The number of days on your ticket must match the length of your stay, and be used during your stay. Stars and Stripes tickets include the Park Hopper letting you visit more than one park in the same day and Plus option letting you visit Disney water parks and other attractions but not miniature golf. This is a pass that gets you one year of unlimited access during normal operating hours.

May 12, , 1:

Walt Disney World®

Ticket Sale! A Disneyland vacation package makes the perfect gift for ! You can also buy Disneyland tickets directly from us at a discount. Our Disneyland discount tickets are physical tickets, not vouchers, so you can skip the lines and go straight to the gate! Want exclusive Disneyland coupons, promo codes and special product links? Join our newsletter and start saving more! We promise not to SPAM you! We only send emails with savings and special offers including promo codes and package deals. Discount Disney World Tickets. All taxes included. RFID enabled tickets. Plus you can link to any MagicBands you may be using. Best prices online!

Walt Disney World Deals

A magical day awaits visitors to Disney s resorts in California and Florida. One-day passes for Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California are rarely deeply discounted, so every dollar saved is a bonus. Though Disney tends to offer steeper discounts when you book longer trips, savvy savers can also find lower prices on short excursions. It takes some research, but if you know where to look, you can put some money back in your wallet. By far the cheapest one-day Disney World passes are offered through timeshare offers. The savings are usually just a few dollars. For a deal with special value, you can also check for offers through a charitable organization. Disneyland is a popular day trip, and you may qualify for some advance purchase discounts.

Walt Disney World® Resort Tickets

Facebook Twitter. But there are many tricks that can help you get Disney World restaurant discounts. There are a lot more Orlando restaurant discounts and coupons out there than you might think! We update prices whenever we become aware of changes, but prices on this page are always subject to change. Looking for discounts at a specific restaurant? It used to be that you could skip making reservations at most Disney table-service restaurants, particularly in the off-season. You might have to wait, but you would get seated eventually. Those days are gone! It has become very important to make advance dining reservations if you want to be assured of eating at a full-service location. Little known fact: Disney raises meal prices at many of its buffets and character meals during busy times of year. If you are on a Dining Plan , there is no upcharge at the restaurant.

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