Coupon radiator flush

Coupon radiator flush

Antifreeze flows through the radiator and engine protecting your vehicle from freezing and overheating. Deposit buildup can block the flow of antifreeze cooling fluid to your engine, leading to overheating, freezing, rust, corrosion and inconvenient breakdown. Replacing the antifreeze fluids when recommended by your vehicle s manufacturer will help minimize your risk of cooling system radiator failure and expensive repairs. I relaxed while they changed my oil, performed a radiator fluid exchange and rotated my tires. This would have taken almost two hours This would have taken almost two hours at a dealer, and it took less that 40 minutes!

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Heat is produced every time you drive your vehicle. Not valid with other offers on same product or service. Must present coupon at time of service. Most vehicles. Shop supplies additional.

Write a review. Car overheating can come from a variety of sources.

Service includes a complete visual inspection of the cooling system for signs of wear, leaks and overall operation. If a leak is detected then a pressure test is also performed. Maintenance services include a coolant drain and fill or coolant flush every 24, miles except Dexcool or extended life antifreeze. Although gasoline engines have improved a lot, they are still not very efficient at turning chemical energy into mechanical power.

Coolant Flush and Fill

When it comes to a coolant flush or radiator maintenance, we know just what you re looking for? We are all about getting a bang for your buck. No hassles, no haggling, no nonsense. Rairdon Honda of Sumner has the fair prices you know and the service team you can count on. Call [DealerServicePhone] for your next Honda coolant service! All Pre-Owned or certified vehicles are used.

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Buy 1, Get 1 Free! The radiator not only helps cool the engine when it is running, it also helps keep the engine from freezing up during the winter when the car is parked. Depending upon the type of vehicle you have, a radiator can be very small to relatively large, and will be filled with a combination of water and antifreeze or sometimes just antifreeze. Over time, radiators can become dirty, or water and antifreeze may contain too many impurities that render the antifreeze ineffective at cooling the engine. When this happens, the radiator needs to be flushed. Major engine damage can occur if neglected, including damage to the radiator, heater core, and other cooling system components. There is no set rule for how often you should get your radiator flushed. The frequency of radiator flushes will depend on several factors, such as your own driving habits and the quality of antifreeze you use.

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Service includes draining the system of old, tired, dirty coolant, and refilling it with the correct, new coolant for your car or truck. Also called "radiator fluid exchange" or "coolant flush". What it is: Engines create so much heat that they would melt into a solid block of metal if not cooled down. A cooling system , filled with liquid radiator coolant, moves the heat away from the engine to the air. The constant high heat breaks coolant down over time. Acids form that can damage the cooling system.

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Temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot 2. Grinding sounds coming from the engine area 4. Jiffy Lube. Antifreeze coolant passes through the engine block to absorb and transfer heat. A coolant flush, also referred to as a cooling system service or radiator flush , is the process of adding a cleaner to the cooling system to eliminate sediment or rust, Kauffeld says. The system is then flushed throughly while new antifreeze and a conditioner to protect against corrosion are added. He adds that a flush differs from topping off the coolant because harmful contaminants are flushed out of the cooling system completely while new, clean fluid is added. But as a general rule, Kauffeld recommends a coolant service about every 30, miles or five years, whichever comes first.

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Your vehicle s cooling system helps cool down important components in the engine bay that heat during operation. A vehicle with a properly working cooling system will circulate coolant throughout the radiator and engine. This will reduce the vehicle s engine temperature to protect it from damage caused by heat. If the cooling system does not function properly, critical engine parts can fail. At-risk parts include gaskets, heads or worse, complete failure. Avoid an expensive auto cooling system repair by performing regularly scheduled maintenance to stop problems before they happen. If your vehicle s engine runs hotter than usual after you start it or if the temperature gradually increases as you drive, there might be an issue with the cooling system. Both of these are signs that you should have a technician examine your cooling system.

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Coolant System Flush

Most people know that the radiator is part of the car s cooling system, but this can lead to some misconceptions. For example, some might assume that because it s cold out, your engine is not in danger of overheating. A car s radiator functions much like those in your home during the wintertime. This can lead to confusion - a heating object as part of the cooling system seems odd. Car radiators function by using the coolant that flows through the engine. The coolant s job is to lower the temperature of the engine, and it does this by absorbing heat. The radiator then takes the heat from the coolant and dissipates it into the air - sometimes through your car s heating system, reports HowStuffWorks. Thus, it s important to pay attention to this critical part. Auto maintenance experts can provide drivers with radiator service, and many will include it as part of a tune-up. It s a good idea for drivers to invest in this every year or so, as it will ensure the engine stays cool and harmful contaminants do not build up inside the radiator. Find a location.

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Search thousands of topics on CostHelper. Prestone concentrate coolant: Engine light came on. A check of the system showed it to be a thermostat. Time of repair was less than two hours and they topped off all fluids at no additional charge brake fluid was down. Did the work myself. It s a truck so a small car will be half the price. Great job.

Brake Fluid Flush

Coolant Flush and Fill A coolant flush and fill is basic maintenance for your cooling system, and will help ensure maximum performance from your car s heating and cooling systems. Check your car s owner s manual to see the recommended interval for changing your antifreeze and flushing your coolant system. New antifreeze will help your car s engine run cooler, and flushing it will remove any dirt, rust or sediment which may damage the water pump and clog the engine water jacket and radiator. Consider using a flush solution, which can remove much more sediment and rust than normal water alone. Ask your local Pep Boys sales associate to help you find the best flush solution and antifreeze for your car. Also, an extra container of antifreeze should be part of every car s emergency kit in case you experience a leak. Pep Boys carries a wide variety of antifreezes to suit your individual needs. Make certain you know what antifreeze is designated for your vehicle. Check your owner s manual or ask a Pep Boys associate for the proper type and quantity. For the DIYer If you re a do-it-yourselfer, be sure to follow these simple steps below: Always follow the instructions for maintenance listed in your owner s manual. Dispose of used antifreeze according to your local laws and regulations. Use a closed container to store it, and never let used antifreeze drain onto the ground or into storm drains. And remember, antifreeze is toxic.

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