Cirque du soleil las vegas ka coupon

Cirque du soleil las vegas ka coupon

Cirque du soleil las vegas ka coupon

Let us create a free itinerary for your night at Ka! More info…. I knew I was in for an entirely new Cirque du Soleil experience as I took my seat to watch KA at MGM Resort , post absorbing rave reviews from a few of my theatre-addictive friends with phenomenal tastes in drama. For the umpteenth time, not surprisingly, the audience was treated to a flawless narrative, replete with a dazzling display of acrobatics and some exceptional music. You can t help getting teleported to a realm never seen before.

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You sit and watch, but nothing seems to happen. It s just you, the audience, and that barrel. This whole staring-at-a-barrel thing goes on for a full 35 minutes. Thing is, you re not even feeling restless because you could cut the tension with a knife. You can t buy this kind of excitement! Are they gonna pop out of it? Will it explode? What s this barrel up to!?

And even though you re on the edge of your seat, it s been a while, so you look down at your watch to see how long this has gone on. For all you know, you re not even in the auditorium anymore. For all YOU know, you re not even in Vegas! All you see are dark panels of wood, a ring of metal, and some kind of barrel-esque top. Wait a minute. Are you trapped in the barrel!?

That s when the panic sets it. You can t quite make out the words, but it doesn t matter because the voices are now drowned out by the sounds of a rickety chainsaw sputtering to life. You re pretty sure this is all part of the act, but dang if you re heart s not beating out your chest. Penn AND Teller take you by the hand to help you out. You don t even notice that they ve cut you clean in half. You don t even care!

There you are, legs stage left and torso rolling around on the floor, and you ll be darned if you don t feel brand new again. As you start to process the whole wild adventure, Penn begins uttering a string of incantations in a voice as elemental as the roiling core of the earth itself. There you are, looking up from your watch, sitting in your original seat, legs and torso intact.

But what s this? Now you re the only one in the theater. It s nothing but you and the barrel now. You don t know it yet, but it s forty years later, the theater has been abandoned, and your children are grown. They will never understand what you ve been through, just as you will never fully comprehend the impact your disappearance had on their formative years.

But none of that matters now. You haven t aged and it s the future. Plus, like we said, you still don t know about how it s 40 years later yet. Where is my family? Who is the president? Do we even have presidents anymore? It s then that an elderly bellhop, wizened and stooped as a gnarled oak, shuffles up to you. He lays his hand on your shoulder and you swear you can hear the crinkling of his vellum skin. It is Penn. In perhaps the reediest voice you ve ever heard, he says, "Listen.

I can t even remember if I m the one who talked or didn t talk in our act, and even though I can access Future Wikipedia through my in-brain Bio-WiFi, I just don t really have the time or inclination to do it. I m old and I don t need the world s super-computer to tell me what I don t know. Besides, I haven t paid my Internet bill to Cyborg-Corp in months, so probably it doesn t even work anyway. That s not the point. The point is this: You were the man we sawed in half.

Now it is 40 years later to the day. You are whole physically, but your psyche lays splintered before you. I should have used some kind of promo code or something? Are you sure it s not that I don t know Penn and my long-dead partner, Teller, are only ever about one thing, and that s teaching people incredibly minor lessons in the brashest, most bafflingly destabilizing way possible. I m probably going to carry around this anger for the rest of my life.

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Ka is a Cirque du Soleil show with epic proportions. Just like any great epic movie or classic story we follow a hero through an edge of your seat adventure hoping that they can accomplish their mission. KA is no different and pays homage to some of the greatest epics of our time. This is an adventure on a colossal level in every sense of production. With one of the largest casts in any Cirque du Soleil show and one of the most dynamic set designs you are truly in for a colossal experience with KA.

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Would appreciate any suggestions on how to buy tickets at the cheapest way? It d be a midweek showing so hoping for a better deal. If possible. Deals for "O" tickets are far and few between.

Best of Vegas Promo Codes

With technology that has never been used before couon Las Vegas, Celestia truly. Verified Used The deal: The Mystere show is a Cirque du Soleil extravaganza free laptop freebies will keep you. Get the mystere las vegas coupon code Las Vegas deals and discounts from Vegas. Best of Vegas coupons and promo codes. Mystere is jystere classic Cirque du Soleil production featuring an exhilarating.

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KÀ by Cirque Du Soleil at the MGM Grand Ticket Las Vegas

Would appreciate any suggestions on how to buy tickets at the cheapest way? It d be a midweek showing so hoping for a better deal. If possible. Deals for "O" tickets are far and few between. There s currently an offer on smartervegas. Thanks for that. Otherwise I ll buy them at the box office in Bellagio:

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Promo Code 20AMP. See the All-Elvis show on the Las Vegas strip! Features sexy dancers who specialize in hip hop, break dancing, and more! Beatleshow Orchestra recreates the music and excitement of a real Beatles concert. The unexpected. Blue Man Group ingeniously combines innovative technology, heart-thumping music, and well-executed humor to create one grand performance! The Blue Man Group show combines new instruments, music, video, and lighting with iconic Blue Man vignettes in a theater built to bring the action closer than ever before. Get your tickets today. Enter promo code 20AFF.

KA by Cirque Du Soleil at the MGM Grand

The first permanent resident Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas has been running for more than two decades and continues to entrance audiences with its epic visuals, music, and inspiring human feats. The show puts an emphasis on amazing human physicality. Acrobats work a dangling metal cube, a hand-to-hand duo performs logic-defying feats of balance and strength, trampoline performers spin through the air at seemingly impossible speeds, and trapeze artists soar above the stage in a show that will open your eyes to a whole new appreciation for brute human power and stamina. The production opens with a colorful representation of the universal Big Bang and transports you through our earthly, primitive beginnings to our Renaissance awakenings and finally, into a futuristic vision of lights, color and drama, culminating in a spectacular climax of acrobatic magic. Cirque du Soleil: Also available at one of our many discount ticket booths in Las Vegas. Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil KA. Cirque du Soleil Mystere. Cirque du Soleil O.

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Do you live in Canada? Register here. Already have an account? Log in. Don t have an account? Register now. Long ago, there were two street performers in Canada. Apparently people thought they were pretty good because their group grew into a troupe which became a circus so famous that they have both permanent shows and tours every year. With this circus, it s less buckets of peanuts and creepy clowns and more artful, themed performances of fantastic skill, a marvel that has captivated millions. They combine all forms of performance, acrobats and juggling, fire breathers and dance to name a few, to create their own unique style of entertainment. Certainly, when thinking of things to do in Vegas, the Cirque du Soleil is a worthy consideration. Attendees will likely find that they got their money s worth more than if they just put it in a slot machine. Join the Club Sign up with an email address for personalized offers and a first grab at tickets. Promo Codes & Coupons

Since I cannot find any discount tickets online, I m planning to try getting the discount same-day tickets when I get there. For those who ve been there, what do you think of my chances of getting those tickets? BTW I m looking for 2 tickets. I bought same day tickets for KA at tix4tonight last June. When I went to the MGM box office to turn in the voucher and pick the seat I wanted they give you the section tix4tonight, but not your actual seat number , I did not find the price I paid to be much cheaper than what MGM was charging once you added in their fee. Before going to Tix4, go to the MGM box office and ask there. Also, while I was in the MGM Lobby, they had a text number up on the screen to sign up for text offers. So I would check with MGM before going anywhere else. Also, call the MGM box office now and see if they have discounts available at This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

Big! - KA by Cirque du Soleil

Hi, I am planning on watching Ka by Cirque du Soleil at the end of the year, Dec , and was wondering if anyone knew where I am able to get discounted or coupons for them? There are a few offers on their actual website but it seems its not for any of the end of Dec shows. The deals at MGM doesn t work or does not have any of the Dec 29,30,31 shows available, not sure why? Yes they are legit, but you don t get to choose your seats. You tell them what section and price range and then they guarantee the seats will be together. You will not know what seats you have until you pick up the tickets at the box office. I use them for some general seating shows. Some shows also go dark at Christmas time, but I ran into the same problem you are having for the week before. I don t know if you use MyVegas rewards but me and my fiancee both received a free ticket through them which we re using on the 3rd of December. There s a bogof coupon on there as well. I highly suggest looking into it. If you did facebook and at least one of the mobile apps you should easily rack that up in time for your trip.

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